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Launch your communications into the 21st Century with VoIP

Nettech Genius has extensive experience in implementing VoIP solutions and has partnered with leading VoIP providers to meet the requirements of business communications.

Unified Communications platforms involve providing voice, video, fax, instant messaging and email communication over a converged IP network. The aim of Unified Communications is to simplify and integrate all forms of communication in view to optimise business processes, reduce response times, and eliminate device and media dependencies.

Unified Communication is not one single product, but a group of integrated products (such as IP telephony, instant messaging, email and e-fax) whose features act to increase business and employee efficiency and productivity thus providing a reduction in operating costs.

Hosted Voice Solutions

Nettech Genius has deployed countless VoIP solutions to clients looking to improve the performance of their communications and reduce costs. We provide tailored solutions specific to each clients unique IT requirements that deliver long term value, enhance productivity, and reduce operating costs.

Nettech Genius has partnered with leading VoIP provider, Wanatel, to provide a premium voice solution to clients.

Advantages of VoIP

  • Increased flexibility and mobility
  • Increased productivity
  • Easy to use
  • Simple scale up or down

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